Zpa Pecky MOP Series Electric Actuator

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Product number MOP
Producer Zpa Pecky

Description: MOP ( Zpa Pecky )

Zpa Pecky MOP Series Electric Actuator

Product Name: Zpa Pecky MOP Series Electric Actuator
Product Brand: Zpa Pecky
Product Code: MOP
Product Artikel: Zpa Pecky MOP Series Electric Actuator

The MODACT ® MOP actuators have been designed for changing position of control devices by reversing rotary motion (e.g. slide valves and other devices for which they are suitable in their characteristics). A typical example of application is remote two-position or multi-position control of devices which are required to close tight in their end positions

Technical data

Type number5203052031520325203352034520355203652039
 20-12563-160160-250 250-500320-630630-12001000-250010-60
Tripping force [kN]        
Adjusting time [s/90°]        
Position-changing velocity[min-1]7-807-1457-14516-10016-6345-10020-409-40
Working stroke[°]        
Supply voltage1x 230 V, 50 Hz        
24 V, 50 Hz        
1 x 110 V, 50 Hz        
3 x 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz
ControlTwo position On-Off

Three position


Position sensingResistance transmitter (R)
Current transmitter (I)
Position interrupt
Torque-initated interrupt
Manual actuation
Explosion-proof design        
Type of enclosureIP 67IP 67IP 67IP 67IP 67IP 67IP 67IP 67
Weight - depending on design (Al/cast iron) and on motor [kg]27-2841-5445-5490-9797-99206-211304-30917


Depending on their design, the MODACT® MOP Control actuators can be fitted with a position regulator, reversing contactors, overcurrent motor protection and the BAM electronic brake. They can be used to adjust control devices working in control systems, depending on the value of analogue input signal of the position regulator. They can also be equipped with reversing contactors only or with reversing contactors and the BAM electronic brake.

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