Yuken DSG-01-3C60-D24-N1-50 Valve

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Product number DSG-01-3C60-D24-N1-50 Valve
Producer Yuken

Description: DSG-01-3C60-D24-N1-50 Valve ( Yuken )

Yuken DSG-01-3C60-D24-N1-50 Valve

Product Name: Yuken DSG-01-3C60-D24-N1-50 Valve
Product Brand: Yuken
Product Code: DSG-01-3C60-D24-N1-50 Valve
Product Artikel: Yuken DSG-01-3C60-D24-N1-50 Valve

These are Solenoid Operated Directional Valves of high pressure, high flow and low pressure drop, the features of which can be materialized by employing a powerful wet type solenoid and the rational flow channel design.

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