Wilkerson P17-C2-FH0 Regulator

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Product number P17-C2-FH0
Producer Wilkerson

Description: P17-C2-FH0 ( Wilkerson )

Wilkerson P17-C2-FH0 Regulator

Product Name: Wilkerson P17-C2-FH0 Regulator
Product Brand: Wilkerson
Product Code: P17-C2-FH0
Product Artikel: Wilkerson P17-C2-FH0 Regulator
Features This high precision regulator includes: Accurate Pressure Regulation Controls Output Pressure to Within 0.1% Accuracy Multi-stage Regulation for Maximum Control and Stability Two Full Flow Gauge Ports Super Sensitive Relief. Downstream Pressure Buildup, down to 0.005 PSIG Above the Set Pressure, is automatically vented through Internal Relief Valve P17 has High Exhaust Relief Capacity Specifications Flow Capacity at 100 PSIG Supply, 20 PSIG Outlet 1/4Inch 14 SCFM (25 m 3 /hr) Operating Pressure Range Primary - Maximum 150 PSIG (10.3 bar) Secondary - Spring Pressure (minimum to maximum) 40 PSIG 2 to 40 PSIG (0.14 to 2.76 bar) 120 PSIG 2 to 120 PSIG (0.14 to 8.27 bar) Operating Temperature 0° to 150°F (-18° to 65.5°C) Temperatures below (0°C) 32°F require moisture-free air Port Threads 1/4Inch Gauge Ports (2x) Can be used as additional full flow 1/4Inch outlet ports NPTF 1/4Inch Exhaust (Relief) Capacity at 5 PSIG (0.34 bar) above 20 PSIG (1.38 bar) Setpoint Standard Model 3 SCFM (3.4m 3 /hr) High-Relief Model 11 SCFM (17m 3 /hr) Total Air Consumption 6 SCFH (0.21m 3 /hr) Constant Bleed Rate Less than 0.08 SCFH (0.15m 3 /hr) Equals Bleed Rate plus other consumption Repeatability / Sensitivity 0.005 PSIG (0.0003 bar) Inches of Water Column = 1/8Inch Weight 1.4lb. (0.64 kg)

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