Wilkerson P16-C4-000 Regulator

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Product number P16-C4-000
Producer Wilkerson

Description: P16-C4-000 ( Wilkerson )

Wilkerson P16-C4-000 Regulator

Product Name: Wilkerson P16-C4-000 Regulator
Product Brand: Wilkerson
Product Code: P16-C4-000
Product Artikel: Wilkerson P16-C4-000 Regulator
Features The P15 / P16 models are general purpose regulators specifically designed for applications that require reliable performance and accurate pressure control. This precision regulator includes: Stable Output Aspirator Design Minimizes “Droop” at Higher Flow Levels Accuracy High Diaphragm-to-Valve-Area Ratio Combined with Unbalanced Valve Provides High Precision with Minimal Initial Pressure Droop Sensitive Responds Quickly to the Slightest Change in Downstream Pressure Easy Maintenance May be Disassembled and Serviced without Removal from Air Line Modular Design Available in a Modular Configuration to Work with Other Wilkerson Modular Units, Accessories and Options Specifications Flow Capacity* P15 27.5 SCFM (13.0 dm 3 /s) P16 22.0 SCFM (10.4 dm 3 /s) Maximum Supply Pressure 300 PSIG (20.7 bar) Operating Temperature 32° to 150°F (0° to 65.5°C) Bleed Rate 0.03 SCFM (0.014 dm 3 /s) max Port Size NPT / BSPP-G 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Gauge Port (2 ea.) NPT / BSPT-Rc 1/4 Weight 1.66lb. (0.75 kg) * Inlet pressure 100 PSIG (6,9 bar). Secondary pressure P15, 15 PSIG (1,0 bar); P16, 45 PSIG (3,1 bar). Similar Products We Offer:

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