Wilkerson L30-C8-G00 Lubricator

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Product number L30-C8-G00
Producer Wilkerson

Description: L30-C8-G00 ( Wilkerson )

Wilkerson L30-C8-G00 Lubricator

Product Name: Wilkerson L30-C8-G00 Lubricator
Product Brand: Wilkerson
Product Code: L30-C8-G00
Product Artikel: Wilkerson L30-C8-G00 Lubricator


This lubricator includes:

  • Full View Sight Dome
  • Siphon Tube Filter Provides Clean Lubricant Downstream
  • Quick-Disconnect Clamp Ring for Easy Bowl Removal
  • Adjustable Oil Feed
  • Standard Transparent Bowl with Metal Bowl Guard
  • Optional Petcock in Polycarbonate Bowl
  • Ability to be filled while under pressure


Flow Capacity*


196 SCFM (92.4 dm3/s)


374 SCFM (176.4 dm3/s)

Maximum Supply Pressure

Plastic Bowl

150 PSIG (10.3 bar)

Metal Bowl

200 PSIG (13.8 bar)

Operating Temperature

Plastic Bowl

32° to 125°F (0° to 52°C)

Metal Bowl

32° to 150°F
(0° to 65.5°C)

Port Size


3/4, 1


5.6lb. (2.54 kg)

* Inlet pressure 120 PSIG (8.3 bar). Pressure drop 5 PSID (0.3 bar).

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