VISHAY BLH LCp-100R Remote Displays

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Product number LCp-100R

Description: LCp-100R ( VISHAY BLH )

VISHAY BLH LCp-100R Remote Displays

Product Name: VISHAY BLH LCp-100R Remote Displays
Product Brand: VISHAY BLH
Product Code: LCp-100R
Product Artikel: VISHAY BLH LCp-100R Remote Displays

BLH Nobel Remote Digital Displays receive and display serial ASCII data transmitted by a host LCp-100, LCp-200 series weight indicator/ transmitter. Operating on supplied data, the Remote Display precisely duplicates the weight/tension value display of the host device. Indication also includes gross, net, and rate information. Units require only a twisted pair of wires for interconnection and mount up to 2000 feet from the host device. Remote Display units are ideally suited for applications where analog panel meter resolution is not adequate. Analog displays present only an approximation of actual weight data whereas serial communication guarantees digit-for-digit replication. Precision accuracy, easy installation, and optional NEMA or explosion-proof enclosures make these units the perfect choice for plant or control room remote display. Front panel ZERO and TARE keys transmit push to zero and tare commands to the host device. The G/N (gross-net-rate) key, however, functions independently from the host device. For example, a remote LCp-200R unit can display net weight or rate while the host LCp-200 displays gross weight.

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