Steimel SFE10/500 Gear Pump

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Product number SFE10/500
Producer Steimel

Description: SFE10/500 ( Steimel )

Steimel SFE10/500 Gear Pump

Product Name: Steimel SFE10/500 Gear Pump
Product Brand: Steimel
Product Code: SFE10/500
Product Artikel: Steimel SFE10/500 Gear Pump
These lubrication- and feeding pumps are particularly suitable for pumping media which do not contain any solids, guarantee a minimum lubricity and are chemically compatible. Eckdaten Pump capacity: 2 - 1,000 cm³ / rev Inlet pressure -0.4 to 10 bar Differential pressure up to 25 bar Viscosity range: 5 to 50,000 mm²/s

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