Stauff Hks-M6X40-W55 Nuts

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Description: Hks-M6X40-W55 Nuts ( Stauff )

Stauff Hks-M6X40-W55 Nuts

Product Name: Stauff Hks-M6X40-W55 Nuts
Product Brand: Stauff
Product Code: Hks-M6X40-W55 Nuts
Product Artikel: Stauff Hks-M6X40-W55 Nuts

Hammerhead bolts attach pipe clamps in field trays and cable ladders

HKS hammerhead bolts, which STAUFF has introduced for the first time at this year's Hanover trade fair, round out the company’s product range in the area of clamping equipment for pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other components in accordance with DIN 3015.

The new hammerhead bolts facilitate easy and safe installation of Standard series and Twin series STAUFF clamps in usual cable trays with diagonal, lengthwise or crosswise slots and perforations. This refers to containment systems made of bevelled steel or stainless steel. They are generally used for attaching electric lines, and even sometimes tubes and hoses to ceilings and walls. This solution is often used for handling large numbers of cables, such as are found in large buildings, but is also used in many other key industries such as marine, oil and gas, or process technology. These slotted or perforated ducts give maximum flexibility for installation and inspection as well as future line replacements.

So far, the users already have had the option of attachment with STAUFF clamps in numerous varieties of containment and support systems. Conventional hexagon head bolts or socket cap screws were inserted from above through both the clamp halves and cable trays, and the hex nuts were tightened from below, which required the use of a second spanner. Now, HKS hammerhead bolts reduce the time needed for installation and do not require a second tool. They are attached from the upper side with hex nuts and fit securely into the slots and perforations in the substructure when turned 90°.

The range of HKS hammerhead screws will be available in sizes M6 and M8 at the time of the market launch and have been designed for attaching Standard and Twin clamps up to size 3 in accordance with DIN 3015. These are suitable for fastening cables with standard outer diameters between 6,4 mm and 25,4 mm.

In order to ensure optimal corrosion protection even in extreme conditions, such as for the offshore industry or process industry, the screws are made of V4A stainless steel. This makes them the perfect complement to the recently introduced ACT clamps, which prevent crevice corrosion to pipelines thanks to their design. Their extended maintenance and replacement intervals produce medium-term and long-term cost benefits for the user.



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Ute Marquardt
/ 2020-03-09

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Zander Dickerson
/ 2020-01-19

Ever so marvelous packaging. I am really pleased with my purchase from this trusted seller. Great item quality and wrapping.

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