Sed Type 982 Manual Valve

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Product number Type 982
Producer Sed

Description: Type 982 ( Sed )

Sed Type 982 Manual Valve

Product Name: Sed Type 982 Manual Valve
Product Brand: Sed
Product Code: Type 982
Product Artikel: Sed Type 982 Manual Valve
Manually Operated Valve DN 15 - 50 mm (1/2Inch - 2Inch) Plastic bonnet and handwheel FEATURES Maintenance-free actuator Plastic bonnet and hand wheel Non-rising hand wheel with optical indicator and stroke indicator Flexible diaphragm suspension Encapsulated diaphragm Lockable hand wheel GENERAL Eliminates water hammer Depending on the diaphragm material for all neutral and aggressive, gaseous and liquid media The flow can be in either direction Hermetic sealing The valve is unaffected by contaminated media Cavity free body Without any corrosion Limit switch

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