Pegasus Actuators PA-R-340-9-NG Servo Actuator

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Product number PA-R-340-9-NG
Producer Pegasus Actuators
Artikelnummer PA-R-340-9

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Description: PA-R-340-9-NG ( Pegasus Actuators )

Pegasus Actuators PA-R-340-9-NG Servo Actuator

Product Name: Pegasus Actuators PA-R-340-9-NG Servo Actuator
Product Brand: Pegasus Actuators
Product Code: PA-R-340-9-NG
Product Artikel: PA-R-340-9


By modifying our PA-R-340-9 servo´s hardware and software, we significantly increased  the power output of this well proven servo actuator.

Characteristics:Continuous torque: 1200 Ncm (1700 oz-in)

Max. torque: > 2100 Ncm (> 2970 oz-in)

Operating voltage: 18 - 32 V DC

Travel angle: ± 90° (standard PA-ME / contactless angle sensor), alternative angles on request.

No load speed: 200 °/sec @ 24 V DC, 230°/sec @ 28 V DC

Pc-board: digital - programmable - with differential, analog sensor feedback


PWM signal, TTL level (standard configuraton)
PWM signal, differential (RS485 transceiver) (optional)
or RS485data protocol (optional)

Motor: BLDC motor, Neodym magnet

Gear train: hardened steel, spur gear type, 8 ball races or roller bearings with PA-SC overload protection output shaft.

Case: aluminum, water- and dust protected (IP67), with solid horizontal and vertical 4-point fixation.

Weight: 930 gr. (33 oz)

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