Nuovafima MS4 DN100

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Product number MS4 DN100
Producer Nuovafima

Description: MS4 DN100 ( Nuovafima )

Nuovafima MS4 DN100

Product Name: Nuovafima MS4 DN100
Product Brand: Nuovafima
Product Code: MS4 DN100
Product Artikel: Nuovafima MS4 DN100
Industrial sector: Machine building (OEM) Refrigeration Heating, ventilation, air condictioctioning (HVAC) Instrument type: Bourdon tube pressure gauges Conformity: Directive PED 2014/68/UE EAC Conformity Accuracy: 1,6 of FSV Function: Local indication Specific applications: Vacuum Combined (Vacuum + Pressure) Material: Staniless steel and copper alloys Range: 0...1 / 0...1000bar and vacuum Protection degree: IP 67 Working pressure: 75% of FSV Similar Products We Offer:

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