Nuovafima BSM/M5F

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Product number BSM/M5F
Producer Nuovafima

Description: BSM/M5F ( Nuovafima )

Nuovafima BSM/M5F

Product Name: Nuovafima BSM/M5F
Product Brand: Nuovafima
Product Code: BSM/M5F
Product Artikel: Nuovafima BSM/M5F
✔ Differential pressure gauges, switches and transmitters ✔ Process, chemical and petrochemical industry ✔ AISI 316L or special materials wetted parts ✔ Non-rotating needle ✔ Operating temperature : -54…+550°C ✔ Stem protected from system media ✔ stop pin Industrial sector: Chemical, Petrochemical Energy Oil & Gas Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Specific applications: NACE version OXIGEN version Corrosive fluids High pressure High process temperature Low ambient temperature Fluctuating pressure Vacuum Special overpressure Combined (Vacuum + Pressure) Vibrations Function: Accessories Accessories: Valves and manifold Material: All Stainless steel Maximum pressure: 6000psi

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