Norgren B73G-3GK-AP1-RFN

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Product number B73G-3GK-AP1-RFN
Producer Norgren
Artikelnummer B73G-3GK-AP1-RFN
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Description: B73G-3GK-AP1-RFN ( Norgren )

Norgren B73G-3GK-AP1-RFN

Product Name: Norgren B73G-3GK-AP1-RFN
Product Brand: Norgren
Product Code: B73G-3GK-AP1-RFN
Product Artikel: B73G-3GK-AP1-RFN

B73G & B74G:

Body: aluminum

Bonnet: (73) Zinc, (74) aluminum

Transparent bowl: polycarbonate

Guarded transparent bowl:

polycarbonate with aluminum

Metal bowl: aluminum

Liquid level indicator lens (metal

bowl): transparent nylon (Pyrex


Element: sintered polypropylene

Elastomers: chloroprene & nitrile

Valve: polypropylene and TPV

Technical Data Fluid:

Compressed air, neutral gases

NOTE: Contact technical support

for use with other media.

Maximum pressure:

Transparent bowl: 150 psig (10


Metal bowl: 250 psig (17 bar)

B72G metal bowl w/ auto drain:

150 psig (10 bar)


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Norgren B73G-3GK-AP1-RFN