MOOG D662-4032 Valve

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Product number D662-4032 Valve
Producer MOOG

Description: D662-4032 Valve ( MOOG )

MOOG D662-4032 Valve

Product Name: MOOG D662-4032 Valve
Product Brand: MOOG
Product Code: D662-4032 Valve
Product Artikel: MOOG D662-4032 Valve
with integrated electronics A significant increase in the useable flow yield (> 90% of the control flow) helps to save energy, particularly in machines with several valves. High dynamics due to high intrinsic frequency (500Hz) of the servo jet pilot stage. Reliable function. The high pressure yield of the ServoJet pilot stage (to 80% Δp at100% input signal) enables high actuating forces for the long-stroke control spools and thus ensures that it also reliably assumes its pre-specified position against pollution and current forces. Similar Products We Offer:

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