Micro Detectors UK1A/G1-1ESY Ultrasonic Sensor

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Product number UK1A/G1-1ESY
Producer Micro Detectors

Description: UK1A/G1-1ESY ( Micro Detectors )

Micro Detectors UK1A/G1-1ESY Ultrasonic Sensor

Product Name: Micro Detectors UK1A/G1-1ESY Ultrasonic Sensor
Product Brand: Micro Detectors
Product Code: UK1A/G1-1ESY
Product Artikel: Micro Detectors UK1A/G1-1ESY Ultrasonic Sensor
Detection properties Nominal sensing distance 400mm Thermal drift of Sr ±2% Repeat Accuracy 0,50% Beam angle 10° ± 2° Resolution ≤3mm Sensitivity adjustment Teach-in button Hysteresis 1% thermal compensation Yes Minimum sensing distance (blind zone) 50mm Linearity error 1% Application Function Principle Diffuse reflection Outputs Output type 0...10V Output Function Rampa positiva/negativa Switching frequency 10Hz Response time 500ms Electrical data Operating Voltage 10 - 30Vdc No-Load supply current ≤50mA Load current 100mA Leakage current 10μA @ 30Vcc Output voltage drop 2,2Vmax. @ IL=100 mA Max ripple content 5% LED indicators green: echo - yellow: output Time delay before availability ≤300ms Short-circuit protection Yes Reverse Polarity Protection Yes Impulsive Overvoltage Protection Yes Minimum load resistence 3kΩ Mechanical data Dimensions M18 x 1 / L = 91,6mm Weight 100g Housing Material PBT housing Connections M12 Plug Tightening torque 50Nm Operating temperature - 20°C…+ 70°C Storage temperature - 35°C…+ 80° C without freeze Transducer Frequency 300kHz Diameter/Dimension M18 Test/Approvals Approvals CE cULus EMC compatibility IEC 60947-5-2 Shocks and vibrations IEC EN60947-5-2 / 7.4 Degree of protection IP67 Accessories Supplied Accessories 2 nuts M18x1, 2 washers Ø 18

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