Micro Detectors FS1/0P-E Photoelectric Sensor

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Product number FS1/0P-E
Producer Micro Detectors

Description: FS1/0P-E ( Micro Detectors )

Micro Detectors FS1/0P-E Photoelectric Sensor

Product Name: Micro Detectors FS1/0P-E Photoelectric Sensor
Product Brand: Micro Detectors
Product Code: FS1/0P-E
Product Artikel: Micro Detectors FS1/0P-E Photoelectric Sensor
Detection properties Nominal detection distance See table of optical fibers Sensitivity adjustment 1-turn trimmer Outputs Type of output PNP Exit function LO / DO Switching frequency 1 kHz Electrical data Supply voltage 10 ... 30Vdc Vacuum absorption 100 mA Load current 30 mA Output voltage drop 1.2 V max Maximum residual ripple ≤ 10% LED indicators Red (NO output in activated state) Delay in availability 200 ms Short circuit protection Yes Reverse polarity protection Yes Issuance Red Led Immunity to ambient light 30.000lux (incandescent lamp), 10.000lux (sunlight) Mechanical data dimensions 15x26x67 mm Weight 50 g Body material Polyamide Connections M12 connector - 90 ° output Active part material Depending on the optical fibers Operating temperature - 25 ° C ... + 70 ° C (without condensation) Testing / Certifications Certifications THERE IS Degree of protection IP67

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