Meggitt Vibro-Meter TQ423 Proximity Sensor

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Product number Vibro-Meter TQ423
Producer Meggitt

Description: Vibro-Meter TQ423 ( Meggitt )

Meggitt Vibro-Meter TQ423 Proximity Sensor

Product Name: Meggitt Vibro-Meter TQ423 Proximity Sensor
Product Brand: Meggitt
Product Code: Vibro-Meter TQ423
Product Artikel: Meggitt Vibro-Meter TQ423 Proximity Sensor
1.33 mV/µm or 0.417 µA/µm (12 mm range), −25 to 140 °C, Ø25 mm tip, standard-mount, 100 bar (tip). The TQ423 proximity sensor is a high-quality, high-reliability sensor for use with an EA403 extension cable and IQS450 signal conditioner, which provides either a voltage output or a current output. The TQ423 is a standard-mount, high-pressure sensor that is designed and built for long-term use in extreme environments characterised by high temperatures, high pressures and/or hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres). Features Designed for the contactless measurement of relative vibration and axial displacement in turbines, compressors, pumps and fans 12 mm measurement range (Ø25 mm) −25 to 140 °C operating temperature, IP68 protection rating, 100 bar pressure rating 1.0, 5.0 or 10.0 m integral coaxial cable Certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres PARAMETER VALUE (IMPERIAL | METRIC) Linear measurement range 0.47 in | 12 mm Operating temperature range −13 to 284 °F | −25 to 140 °C Sensor (tip) diameter Ø0.98 in | Ø25 mm Mounting options Standard mount Integral cable length 3.3, 16.4 or 32.8 ft | 1.0, 5.0 or 10 m Pressure 1450 psi | 100 bar Protection rating IP68 Hazardous area certifications Ex ia, Ex nA

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