Mecair MCS12-B4 demand controller

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Product number MCS12-B4
Producer Mecair

Description: MCS12-B4 ( Mecair )

Mecair MCS12-B4 demand controller

Product Name: Mecair MCS12-B4 demand controller
Product Brand: Mecair
Product Code: MCS12-B4
Product Artikel: Mecair MCS12-B4 demand controller

Mecair Model MCS demand controller up to 12 outlets, Input : 24/48 50/60, Output : 24 50/60

The economist model InchMCSInch uses advanced microprocessor technology, expressely designed to control the interval and the pulse time of Diaphragm valves using the DP and focusing on reverse pulse-jet systems with pneumatic cleaning procedures.

Technical Specifications:

Enclosure : ABS grey – transparent cover
Protection rating : IP65
Connections : Push-in plugs – with max. wire section of 2.5 mm²

Dimensions :

-MCS 4 - 32: enclosure 296 × 256 × 118
-MCS 36 - 64: enclosure 560 × 280 × 130
-MCS 68 - 128: enclosure 600 × 400 ×170

Temperature :

-Storage: ?20°C/ +80°C
-Operating: ?10°C/ +50°C


-Input power: max. 2.5 VA
-Output power: max. 25 VA/AC – 20 Watt/DC with maximum pulse time 1 sec


Timed sequential control of the electronic valves with zero-crossing to eliminate electrical interference.
Short-circuit alarm, microprocessor malfunction alarm and alarm of exceeded DP.
Regulation of the set DP, pulse time, number of cycles in final cleaning, with indication on the display.
Setting of the MANUAL CYCLE TIME (this is the time it takes for all the valves to complete an entire cleaning cycle).
PRECOATING function (start of the cleaning sequence subordinated to the achievement of the DP PRECOATING), for filters that have to be overloaded with reagents and preparation powders.
Easy predisposition outlets voltage (AC/DC) and inlet voltage (AC).
Automatic system for the command of one or more cycles for the final cleaning.

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