KENDRION Encapsulated Clutch Coil (ECC)

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Product number Encapsulated Clutch Coil (ECC)

Description: Encapsulated Clutch Coil (ECC) ( KENDRION )

KENDRION Encapsulated Clutch Coil (ECC)

Product Name: KENDRION Encapsulated Clutch Coil (ECC)
Product Brand: KENDRION
Product Code: Encapsulated Clutch Coil (ECC)
Product Artikel: KENDRION Encapsulated Clutch Coil (ECC)

When a customer approaches Kendrion and has a problem, we want to deal with the issue in a timely fashion. In this instance, the client approached us because their existing coils were corroding. This particular part, called an Encapsulated Clutch Coil, went inside a heavy duty truck transmission and lived in the fluid. Kendrion was able to create design features to improve the seal and used high temperature nylon to be able to withstand the intense heat in the transmission fluid. We used an integral snap-in lug mounting and built in retention features that fit right into the mold to make production error-proof.

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