Keller Series PD-33X

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Product number Series PD-33X
Producer Keller

Description: Series PD-33X ( Keller )

Keller Series PD-33X

Product Name: Keller Series PD-33X
Product Brand: Keller
Product Code: Series PD-33X
Product Artikel: Keller Series PD-33X
The  differential pressure transmitters  of the PD-33X series are suitable for 'wet/wet' applications. They have a single silicon diaphragm in their interior, which is pressurised from both sides and measures the pressure difference directly. This design enables them to measure small pressure differences even at an extremely high  line pressure . The transmitters use digital  compensation with a mathematical model  to achieve exceptional  accuracy  of 0,05  %FS  – in the temperature range from 10 to 40 °C, this value even corresponds to the  total error band . Similar Products We Offer:

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