Hydac FPU1 Charging and Testing Unit

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Product number FPU1
Producer Hydac
Artikelnummer Art.Nr. 103860001601

Description: FPU1 ( Hydac )

Hydac FPU1 Charging and Testing Unit

Product Name: Hydac FPU1 Charging and Testing Unit
Product Brand: Hydac
Product Code: FPU1
Product Artikel: Art.Nr. 103860001601
Charging and Testing Unit FPU for Bladder, Piston and Diaphragm Accumulators The HYDAC charging and testing unit FPU-1 for bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators consists of a primary body with: ·          Spindle ·          Check-valve ·          Release valve ·          Pressure gauge   The HYDAC charging and testing unit FPU is used to charge hydraulic accumulators with nitrogen or to check or to change the existing pre-charge pressure in accumulators.   For this purpose the charging and testing unit is screwed onto the gas valve of the hydraulic accumulator and connected to a nitrogen bottle via a flexible hose with a pressure reducer (see diagram of design with FPU-1, right). Adapter A3 is needed to charge and test the HYDAC bladder accumulator (included in scope of delivery).   HYDAC nitrogen charging units make it possible to rapidly and inexpensively charge and/or test the required gas pre-charge pressures in bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators. They guarantee an optimal utilisation of standard commercial nitrogen bottles up to a residual pressure of 20 bar and a maximum pre-charge pressure of 350 bar. Portable, mobile and stationary N2-Server versions are available.   For further information and technical specifications, see catalogue section: z Nitrogen charging units N2-Server No. 2.201 Higher pre-charge pressures up to 500 bar available on request. Information on how to check the pre-charge pressure and testing intervals and other instructions relating to operation can be found in the operating instructions.   Models without protective case   Designation                                      Part no. FPU-1-350/010F2.5A3                   2114486 FPU-1-350/010F4A3                      2115056 FPU-1-350/025F2.5A3                   2114481 FPU-1-350/025F4A3                      2116876 FPU-1-350/100F2.5A3                   2114310 FPU-1-350/100F4A3                      2115657 FPU-1-350/250F2.5A3                   2114306 FPU-1-350/250F4A3                      2114311 FPU-1-350/400F2.5A3                   2115646 FPU-1-350/400F4A3                      2119673

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