Hawe PMVP4-43-G24

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Product number PMVP4-43-G24
Producer Hawe

Description: PMVP4-43-G24 ( Hawe )

Hawe PMVP4-43-G24

Product Name: Hawe PMVP4-43-G24
Product Brand: Hawe
Product Code: PMVP4-43-G24
Product Artikel: Hawe PMVP4-43-G24
Product description Proportional pressure-limiting valves are a type of pressure control valve. They remotely control the pressure in hydraulic systems continuously and electrically. The pressure-limiting valve type  PMV  is a directly actuated valve in a spring-loaded ball version. The pressure can be set to up to 700 bar.  The pressure-limiting valve type PMV is available as a single valve for pipe connection or as a manifold mounting valve. The proportional pressure-limiting valve is particularly suitable for maximum pressure limitation in hydraulic systems. Features and benefits: Operating pressures up to 700 bar Precise control Intended applications: General hydraulics Test benches Mining machinery

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