Hawe MVP 4 AR

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Product number MVP 4 AR
Producer Hawe

Description: MVP 4 AR ( Hawe )

Hawe MVP 4 AR

Product Name: Hawe MVP 4 AR
Product Brand: Hawe
Product Code: MVP 4 AR
Product Artikel: Hawe MVP 4 AR
Product description Pressure-limiting valves and sequence valves are types of pressure control valves. Pressure-limiting valves safeguard the system against excessive system pressure or limit the operation pressure. Sequence valves generate a constant pressure difference between the inlet and outlet flow. Type  MV and SV MV  is a directly controlled valve that is damped as standard. Features and benefits: Operating pressures up to 700 bar Various adjustment options Numerous configurations Intended applications: General hydraulic systems Test benches Hydraulic tools Similar Products We Offer:

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