Hawe HSE24-15

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Product number HSE24-15
Producer Hawe

Description: HSE24-15 ( Hawe )

Hawe HSE24-15

Product Name: Hawe HSE24-15
Product Brand: Hawe
Product Code: HSE24-15
Product Artikel: Hawe HSE24-15
Product description Hydraulic clamping cylinder generate a pressure-controlled clamping force at the piston. Without pressure the clamping pistons return to their initial position. The clamping cylinder type HSE is a screw-in cylinder. The type HSA is a screw-on cylinder. Very high forces can be transmitted in a very small space in fixtures. The clamping cylinder type HSE and HSA is used in machine tools, machining centres and chucks for clamping, fasten, lock or fix workpieces, tools or machine structures. Features and benefits: Compact design Operating pressure up to 500 bar Intended applications: Clamping systems Securing systems Machine tools

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