Hawe HRP 4 V-GZ 3-0

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Product number HRP 4 V-GZ 3-0
Producer Hawe

Description: HRP 4 V-GZ 3-0 ( Hawe )

Hawe HRP 4 V-GZ 3-0

Product Name: Hawe HRP 4 V-GZ 3-0
Product Brand: Hawe
Product Code: HRP 4 V-GZ 3-0
Product Artikel: Hawe HRP 4 V-GZ 3-0

Product description

Check valves with hydraulic release are a type of check valve. They block one or both hydraulic consumer lines or are used as a hydraulically actuated drain valve or idle circulation valve.

In the closed state the check valve type HRP has zero leakage. A leakage line relieves the rear of the control piston. Due to this separate relief the control behaviour of the valve is independent of the pressure in the return.

A solenoid valve can be optionally flange-mounted to arbitrarily control the check valve with the load pressure on the consumer side. The check valve type HRP is available with hydraulic release. Hydraulic release suppresses relief surges that can occur at high pressure and with a large consumer volume.

Features and benefits:

  • Manifold mounting valve for pressures up to 700 bar
  • Flows up to 400 lpm
  • Electrically controlled
  • With hydraulic release for smooth switching

Intended applications:

  • Industrial hydraulics and mobile hydraulics
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