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Product number VDM
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Description: VDM ( Gestra )

Gestra VDM

Product Name: Gestra VDM
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: VDM
Product Artikel: Gestra VDM


Steel EN reference: S235JR+N (ASTM equivalent: A 283 Grade C). Austenitic stainless steel on request.


Mixing coolers are used to cool hot waste water that can no longer be used for heat recovery and is therefore discharged into a pit or drain. Typical applications are, for example: process plants where contaminated, hot waste water is being formed, steam boiler plants where the blowdown is cooled with untreated water, mixing cooler for flash steam. When the VDM is used to cool the blowdown from a steam boiler, by using of cooling water it may cause the formation of sludge by precipitation of carbonates. This can be avoided by flushing regularly, and if necessary by the addition of acid.


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Stephen Dunn
/ 2019-12-02

The product arrived quickly and as described. Good quality and best material. Good value, strong material with good quality.

Ramiro Phillips
/ 2019-11-10

The product arrived quickly and as described. Quick dispatch with first rate service. Fine packaging and notably super delivery. Good communication and service.

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Gestra VDM