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Description: UNA45MAX ( Gestra )

Gestra UNA45MAX

Product Name: Gestra UNA45MAX
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: UNA45MAX
Product Artikel: Gestra UNA45MAX


UNA 45 MAX, UNA 46 MAX and UNA 46A MAX are items of equipment for the steam process designed for the effective removal of condensate from steam. The ball float opens the orifice as a function of the liquid level. A rising level results in a proportional opening of the equipment. The max. discharge capacity depends on the size of the fully open orifice (O). As the float rises with the liquid level it pulls the nozzle stem off the pilot valve, allowing a small amount of fluid to flow through the pilot valve. The fluid compresses the bellows of the control unit and, as a consequence, the discharge orifice is completely uncovered. Equipment with control unit SIMPLEX is particularly suitable for cold condensates and superheated steam. Equipment with control unit DUPLEX may also be used for air venting the installation. The control unit DUPLEX consists of a float and a temperature dependent air-venting facility. The air venting is controlled by the membrane regulator. Equipment with this type of control unit is particularly suitable for saturated steam systems. Do not expose the membrane regulator capsule of the DUPLEX control unit to superheat conditions above 5 K. The optional float-lifting lever allows you to lift the float manually. The optional hand-vent valve allows you to air vent the pipe manually. The equipment must only be used within the allowable pressure and temperature limits and only if the chemical and corrosive influences on the equipment are taken into account.


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Nina Valdez
/ 2019-11-20

The item was exactly as it was described, I am pleased. Good quality and best material. Excellent communication, super friendly seller.

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Gestra UNA45MAX