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Description: UNA39 ( Gestra )

Gestra UNA39

Product Name: Gestra UNA39
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: UNA39
Product Artikel: Gestra UNA39


UNA 3.. are steam traps with ball float and needle valve for high-pressure applications. The steam traps can be used for all operating conditions, as they are unaffected by back pressure. The steam trap UNA 3.. consists of a body with bolted cover and a control unit. Various control units are available for the steam trap. The control unit SIMPLEX is a level-dependent float controller and especially suitable for cold condensate and superheated steam. The control unit DUPLEX (UNA 38) is a float controller with automatic and temperature dependent deaeration facility by means of a bimetallic air vent. The control unit DUPLEX is suitable for saturated steam and superheated steam. The control unit with orifice (O) 80 MAX (UNA 38) is designed for large flowrates and high pressures and available as SIMPLEX or DUPLEX version. The control unit with orifice (O) 140 MAX (UNA 39) is a SIMPLEX control unit for large flowrates and high pressure


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Definitely worth the price, very fast shipping service. It was a superb and good item, I am really pleased.

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Gestra UNA39