Gestra TRG5-63

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Product number TRG5-63
Producer Gestra
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Description: TRG5-63 ( Gestra )

Gestra TRG5-63

Product Name: Gestra TRG5-63
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: TRG5-63
Product Artikel: Gestra TRG5-63


The temperature sensor TRG 5-6.. in conjunction with temperature switches TRS 5-50, TRS 5-52 or with temperature transmitter TRV 5-40 are designed for measuring temperatures in steam or hot water. 


The temperature sensors TRG 5-63, TRG 5-65, TRG 5-66 and TRG 5-67 feature one integrated platinum resistance thermometer Pt100 each. The temperature sensors TRG 5-64 and TRG 5-68 are equipped with two platinum resistance thermometers Pt 100 for the connection of additional indicating equipment. The ohmic resistance of the resistance thermometer changes as a function of temperature. If a constant current is applied, the voltage produced by the change of resistance is measured and further processed in the temperature switch or temperature transmitter. The temperature sensor can be used as measuring transducer for n a safety temperature monitor/limiter in conjunction with temperature transmitter TRV 5-40 and control unit NRS 1-40.1 n a temperature monitor/controller in conjunction with temperature transmitter TRV 5-40 and switching controller TRS 5-40 n a safety temperature monitor/limiter in conjunction with temperature switch TRS 5-50 n a temperature monitor in conjunction with temperature switch TRS 5-52


Latest Comments

瞿 凯
/ 2020-01-07

看上这款宝贝已经很久了,终于到手了,没有让我失望 不错,外观设计漂亮,测试一下声音很小,运转平稳 质量和性能都是很满意的 客服很好,售后也挺好的,售后安装还专门打电话评教,良心商家。

Gerold Altmann
/ 2020-01-02

Antwortet schnell und ist Zuverlässig, Ware wurde gut verpackt und kam ohne Probleme zu mir an. Meine Fragen wurden schnell und professionell beantwortet. Hatte letzte Woche bei einer anderen Firma bestellt der Preis war doppelt so hoch nach Rücksprache Stornierte ich die Bestellung und tätigte Sie hier Danke Imtek Team. Nach der Montage hatte ich noch Rückfrage wurde auch sehr gut beraten.Dauem hoch

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Gestra TRG5-63