Gestra SMK22-81

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Product number SMK22-81
Producer Gestra
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Description: SMK22-81 ( Gestra )

Gestra SMK22-81

Product Name: Gestra SMK22-81
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: SMK22-81
Product Artikel: Gestra SMK22-81

Steam Traps STERIline ® SMK 22-81, SMK 22-82

Suitable for clamp connections to DIN 32676, for pipes to DIN 11866 (DIN 11850, ISO 1127, ASME-BPE) PN 10

Description :

The thermostatic steam trap features minimum stagnant area and a corrosion-resistant membrane regulator unaffected by waterhammer. Used for discharging condensate and air-venting steam in sterile and aseptic applications. The membrane regulator with rolling ball features a selfcentering valve cone that can move freely, thereby ensuring steam-tight shut-off unaffected by dirt particles. High response sensitivity thanks to small dimensions of the regulator (evaporation thermostat). Automatic air-venting and discharge of condensate without any banking-up within the whole pressure / temperature range. The opening temperature is approximately 5 K below the boiling point. All parts in contact with the fluid are made of stainless steel and the body gasket is of PTFE (FPM) in accordance with the regulations specified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The surface roughness Ra of the wetted surfaces is ≤ 0.8 μm, optional: ≤ 0.6 μm. The surface roughness Ra of all other surfaces is ≤ 1.2 μm.


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Cruz Griffith
/ 2020-01-29

Fine quality, great packaging. I am very satisfied, definitely will buy again. Wonderful service, would buy from again. Great delivery service, it arrived faster than I thought.

Maristella Fiore
/ 2019-12-04

Congratulazioni, mi hanno inviato offerta velocemente. Grazie il trasporto è arrivato. Il prodotto è già un leader nella sua categoria. Grazie per aiuto che hanno dato sul prezzo. Secondo il mercato consiglio un prodotto di successo sia in termini di prezzo che di funzione. Ho comprato lo stesso prima, lo uso da 3 anni senza problemi. Le sue funzione vanno bene anche dopo 3 anni.

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Gestra SMK22-81