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Product number NRG211-1
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Description: NRG211-1 ( Gestra )

Gestra NRG211-1

Product Name: Gestra NRG211-1
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: NRG211-1
Product Artikel: Gestra NRG211-1


The level electrode NRG 211-1 is designed for measuring the water level in condensate lines. In conjunction with level switch NRS 2-4 the electrode can be used as max. limit switch with high level alarm.


The level electrode together with the electronic module NRV 2-30 works according to the capacitance measurement principle, translating the level changes into level-dependent current signals. The electrode is self-monitoring, i. e. a fault in the insulating seal will cause a malfunction alarm. In addition, a defined switching signal is given when the fluid reaches 395 °C because for physical reasons the level cannot be determined exactly in this temperature range. The level electrode works with the level switch NRS 2-4 to detect the max. limit and raise a high level alarm. This equipment combination can be used as part of a controlled draining system in power plants. The electrode with welding standpipe is installed in vertical pipes.


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Nathalie Copeland
/ 2020-01-14

Nice product, no issues. It was unrivaled, sublime. Fast shipping and good price.

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Gestra NRG211-1