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Product number NRA1-3CANBUS
Producer Gestra
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Description: NRA1-3CANBUS ( Gestra )


Product Name: Gestra NRA1-3CANBUS
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: NRA1-3CANBUS
Product Artikel: Gestra NRA1-3CANBUS

Technical data Input / output CAN bus interface with power supply 24 V DC +/– 20 %, short-circuit protected Data exchange CAN bus to ISO 11898, CANopen protocol Fuse external, 200 mA, slow-blow Power consumption max. 4 W Inputs 16 inputs for measuring electrodes NRG 16-19, NRG 16-27, NRG 16-28 1 input for temperature sensor, e. g. TRG 5-53, measuring insert PT 100 max. length of connecting cables 100 m Output 1 volt-free relay contact, 4 A 250 V AC / 30 V DC cos φ = 1 (IEC 61810) Contact material AgNi 0,15 Inductive loads must be provided with interference suppressors (RC combinations) as specified by the manufacturer. Electrode voltage 12 V Setting for banking-up of condensate Difference between condensate and plant temperatures dts 1 K to 100 K, adjustable in steps of 1 K (mode 1 and 6) Difference between condensate temperature and switchpoint “Banking-up of condensate” dtC 1 K to 100 K, adjustable in steps of 1 K (mode 2 and 7) Switchpoint “Banking-up of condensate” 0 °C to 255 °C, adjustable in steps of 5 K (mode 2 and 7) Indicators and ajustors 1 three-digit seven-segment LED display, red, for indicating faulty steam traps and status and error messages 3 LEDs for indicating banking-up of condensate, steam loss and malfunction in measuring electrode 3 operating buttons 1 ten-pole code switch for system configuration Design NRA 1-3a for wall mounting NRA 1-3e for panel mounting Housing material: ABS Protection NRA 1-3a: IP 65 to EN 60529 NRA 1-3e: Front: IP 65 to EN 60529, back: IP 00 Protection class NRA 1-3a: 2 (completely insulated) Weight approx. 2 kg Cable gland / Electrical connection Cable gland with integral cable clamp, 8 x M 16 x 1.5 mm 18 five-pole screw-type terminals, conductor size 1.5 mm2 1 three-pole screw-type terminal, conductor size 1.5 mm2 Ambient temperature when system is switched on: 0°...55 °C during operation: –10°... 55 °C


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