Gestra MK36A-71

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Product number MK36A-71
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Description: MK36A-71 ( Gestra )

Gestra MK36A-71

Product Name: Gestra MK36A-71
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: MK36A-71
Product Artikel: Gestra MK36A-71


Steam trap manufactured in stainless steel, fitted with integral spiral wound gasket, suitable for universal connectors (SWIVEL). The steam trap units BK 36 A/7, MK 36 A/71, MK 36 A/72 and DK 36 A/7 are available either complete with a universal connector (UC 36 or UCY 36) or for fitting the trap unit into a universal connector already installed in the pipeline. The steam trap unit is secured to the universal connector by means of two hexagon head screws. BK 36 A/7 Thermostatic bimetallic steam trap unit with corrosion resistant Duo stainless steel regulator and ability to withstand waterhammer. Robust steam trap for discharging condensate with virtually no banking-up and automatic air venting.


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Cordell Underwood
/ 2020-03-14

I am really pleased with my purchase from this trusted seller. Excellent quality, great packaging, speedy shipping.

Gabrielle-Laurence Lefevre-Lebrun
/ 2020-01-15

Jai appelé au téléphone, leur attitude et leur conversation avec le client sont très chaudes. Jai acheté le produit en faisant des recherches. Cétait le meilleur endroit sur Internet.

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Gestra MK36A-71