Gestra LRR1-52

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Product number LRR1-52
Producer Gestra
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Description: LRR1-52 ( Gestra )

Gestra LRR1-52

Product Name: Gestra LRR1-52
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: LRR1-52
Product Artikel: Gestra LRR1-52

Description The functional unit consisting of the operating & display unit URB 50 / conductivity controller LRR 1-52, LRR 1-53 in conjunction with conductivity electrodes LRG 1.-.. and conductivity transmitter LRGT 1.-.. is used as conductivity controller and limiter, for instance in steam boilers, (pressurized) hot-water installations as well as condensate and feedwater tanks. The conductivity controller indicates when the preset MAX or MIN conductivity is reached, opens or closes a continuous blowdown valve and may also control an intermittent blowdown valve. The conductivity controller can be used together with conductivity electrodes and transmitters in the following equipment combinations: Conductivity controller LRR 1-52 together with conductivity electrodes LRG 12-2, LRG 16-4, LRG 16-9, LRG 17-1 and LRG 19-1; Conductivity controller LRR 1-53 together with conductivity transmitters LRGT 16-1, LRGT 16-2 and LRGT 17-1. 


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敖 翼
/ 2020-03-30

良心商家,对我们买家真的很到位 大力推荐,售后服务极其优秀! 真的不错哦,转速高,力量大,而且很稳定,很静音的,价格也很实惠 包装挺扎实,然后客服以及售后支持都很不错

Janelle Lindsey
/ 2020-01-01

Quick response, I received the item very fast. High standard item, recommended. I always buy my goods from this seller. I am buying from them again! Nice product, great packaging, quality shipping.

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Gestra LRR1-52