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Product number BK28-ASME
Producer Gestra
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Description: BK28-ASME ( Gestra )

Gestra BK28-ASME

Product Name: Gestra BK28-ASME
Product Brand: Gestra
Product Code: BK28-ASME
Product Artikel: Gestra BK28-ASME


Thermostatic/thermodynamic steam trap with corrosion resistant Thermovit® regulator (bimetallic plates) able to withstand waterhammer. With internal strainer and integral non-return valve action. Asbestos-free body gasket (graphite/CrNi). Installation in any position. The default factory setting enables the steam trap to discharge condensate with virtually no banking-up.


During start-up of the plant the steam trap is completely open. Cold condensate and air are discharged. As the temperature rises, the bimetallic plates deflect, drawing the stage nozzle towards the closed position. Just before the condensate reaches saturated steam temperature the orifice will be shut off tight. The thermodynamic effect of the stage nozzle chamber assists in the closing process. The steam trap provides automatic air-venting at start-up and during operation of the plant. BK 37..., BK 28... and BK 29... can also be used for thermal air-venting.


Latest Comments

边 亮
/ 2020-01-30

功能很完善,很强大,快递也很快 客服讲解详细,非常感谢 收到货就换上了,好 不错,外观设计漂亮,测试一下声音很小,运转平稳 东西不错满足要求

鞠 艳
/ 2020-01-29

老用户了,目前没有任何问题 机器用着真不错,质量也很好,发货及时,物美价廉,值得购买! 真的不错哦,转速高,力量大,而且很稳定,很静音的,价格也很实惠 公司的产品质量都是比较好。值得信赖 准确度高。好公司 好服务。 直接寄给客户的没看到产品。 如果质量好。下次还会回购。

Giordano Carbone
/ 2020-01-11

Secondo me un ottimo prodotto , lazienda è molto buona. Grazie. Secondo il suo prezzo, un buon prodotto è meno costoso del mercato. Ho acquistato il prodotto ricercandolo. Era il posto migliore su Internet. Ho ricevuto la mano il giorno dopo, grazie. Il prodotto ha un prezzo migliore rispetto ai soliti prodotti molto costosi sul mercato.

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Gestra BK28-ASME