FSG SL02/GS80 Series Rope Length Transmitter

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Product number SL02/GS80 Series
Producer FSG

Description: SL02/GS80 Series ( FSG )

FSG SL02/GS80 Series Rope Length Transmitter

Product Name: FSG SL02/GS80 Series Rope Length Transmitter
Product Brand: FSG
Product Code: SL02/GS80 Series
Product Artikel: FSG SL02/GS80 Series Rope Length Transmitter
with high precision analog or digital encoders The determination of measuring lengths in the range of one up to several meters is preferably carried out by using well priced and easy-tomount transducers on the basis of the draw wire measuring principle. In connection with measuring problems of industrial applications e.g. on cranes, drilling machines and excavators pressing, punching and injection moulding machines weirs and lock gates multilevel shelving rack systems and theatre stages wood- and stone-working machines and also in instrument engineering, high-tech medical devices etc. Rope length measuring systems series SL 3000 have proven for years to be very reliable, capable of measuring lengths up to 40 m with high accuracy and reliability even in extremely dusty and moist atmospheres. A robust aluminium case of IP code IP 65 contains a light-weight high precision measuring drum on which by means of an extremely stable spring pull-back mechanism one layer of a highly flexible steel rope with D. 1.35 mm is wound. The measuring drum, located on a threaded spindle, moves the measuring rope rectilinear (in the right position) to the rope outlet nozzle thereby ensuring high accuracy, reel off speed (speed of adjustment) and operational reliability. If a thinner measuring rope (for measuring lengths 5 m) is used, the use of the costly spindle transport of the measuring drum for rope movement will not be necessary. For almost every application two well priced versions in series GS 80 and GS 130 are available. All types are equipped with a supporting plate with coupling or measuring gear unit for the attachment of our transmitter series 1023 and all encoding systems customary in trade. These encoders convert the number of drum revolutions, which is proportional to the measured length into an analog or digital measuring signal. Analog measuring signals of angular position encoders are output as variations of current with signals of 4 - 20 mA. If a high-precision conductive plastic or wire-wound potentiometer is used the length proportional signal can be output in form of a resistance variation with a linearity of 0.1 %. Digital measuring signals of optoelectronic angular position encoders are being output as measuring steps, either incrementally or absolutely coded with CAN-Bus interface. Extensive accessories are available for different applications and surroundings, such as heatable wire outlet, motorized brush attachments, compressed air inlets, wire guide pulley etc. (see data sheet “Accessories: Rope Length Transmitters”).

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