ENDRESS+HAUSER 7F2B3H-14Q0/0 Flowmeter

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Description: 7F2B3H-14Q0/0 ( ENDRESS+HAUSER )

ENDRESS+HAUSER 7F2B3H-14Q0/0 Flowmeter

Product Name: ENDRESS+HAUSER 7F2B3H-14Q0/0 Flowmeter
Product Code: 7F2B3H-14Q0/0
Product Artikel: ENDRESS+HAUSER 7F2B3H-14Q0/0 Flowmeter
  • Measuring principle


  • Product headline

    The flowmeter for accurate steam flow measurement with wet steam detection, available as
    compact or remote version. Integrated temp. measuring for mass/ energy flow of saturated
    steam. Suitable for a wide range of applications; optimized for steam applications.

  • Sensor features

    Highest process safety – dualsens version enables redundant measurement. High availability – proven robustness, resistance to vibrations, temperature shocks & water hammer. No maintenance – lifetime calibration. Wet steam detection and measurement for DN 25 to 100 (1 to 4Inch). Inlet run compensation.

  • Transmitter features

    Convenient device wiring – separate connection compartment. Safe operation – no need to open the device due to display with touch control, background lighting. Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology. Display module with data transfer function. Robust dual-compartment housing.

  • Nominal diameter range

    DN 15 to 300 (½ to 12Inch)

  • Wetted materials

    Measuring tube: 1.4408 (C3FM); CX2MW similar to Alloy C22, 2.4602
    DSC sensor: 1.4435 (316/316L); UNS N06022 similar to Alloy C22, 2.4602
    Connection: 1.4404 (F316/F316L); CX2MW similar to Alloy C22, 2.4602; 1.4408 (CF3M)

  • Measured variables

    Volume flow, mass flow, corrected volume flow, energy flow, heat flow difference, temperature

  • Max. measurement error

    Volume flow (liquid): ±0.75 %
    Volume flow (steam, gas): ±1.00 %
    Mass flow (liquid): ±0.85%
    Mass flow (steam,, gas): ±1.7 %

  • Measuring range

    Liquid: 0.16 to 2412 m³/h (0.09 to 1420 ft³/min)
    depending on medium: water with 1 bar a, 20 °C (14.5 psi a, 68° F)
    Steam, gas: 2 to 32 166 m³/h (1.18 to 18 932 ft³/min)
    depending on medium: steam with 180 °C, 10 bar a (356 °F, 145 psi a); air with 25 °C, 4.4 bar a (77 °F, 63.8 psi a)

  • Max. process pressure

    PN 40, Class 300, 20K

  • Medium temperature range

    Standard: –40 to +260 °C (–40 to +500 °F)
    High/low temperature (option): –200 to +400 °C (–328 to +752 °F)
    High/low temperature (on request): –200 to +450 °C (–328 to +842 °F)

  • Ambient temperature range

    Compact version (standard): –40 to +80 °C (–40 to +176 °F)
    Compact version (option): –50 to +80 °C (–58 to +176 °F)
    Remote version (standard): –40 to +85 °C (–40 to +185 °F)
    Remote version (option): –50 to +85 °C (–58 to +185 °F)

  • Sensor housing material

    Sensor connection housing: AlSi10Mg, coated; 1.4408 (CF3M)

  • Transmitter housing material

    AlSi10Mg, coated; 1.4404 (316L)

  • Degree of protection

    Compact version: IP66/67, type 4X enclosure
    Sensor remote version: IP66/67, type 4X enclosure
    Transmitter remote version: IP66/67, type 4X enclosure

  • Display/Operation

    4‐line backlit display with touch control (operation from outside)
    Configuration via local display and operating tools possible
    Remote display available

  • Outputs

    4‐20 mA HART (passive)
    4‐20 mA (passive)
    Pulse/frequency/switch output (passive)

  • Inputs

    Current input 4‐20 mA (passive)

  • Digital communication


  • Power supply

    DC 12 to 35 V (4‐20 mA HART with/without pulse/frequency/switch output)
    DC 12 to 30 V (4‐20 mA HART, 4‐20 mA)
    DC 12 to 35 V (4‐20 mA HART, pulse/frequency/switch output, 4‐20 mA input)
    DC 9 to 32 V (PROFIBUS PA, pulse/frequency/switch output)

  • Hazardous area approvals

    ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus, EAC

  • Functional safety

    Functional safety according to IEC 61508, applicable in safety-relevant applications in accordance with IEC 61511

  • Metrological approvals and certificates

    Calibration performed on accredited calibration facilities (acc. to ISO/IEC 17025)
    Heartbeat Technology complies with the requirements for traceable verification according to ISO 9001:2008 – Section 7.6 a (TÜV attestation)

  • Pressure approvals and certificates

    PED, CRN, AD 2000

  • Material certificates

    3.1 material
    NACE MR0175/MR0103, PMI (on request); welding test acc. to ISO 15614‐1, similar to ASME IX (on request)


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Suberb delivery, definetely recommended. Trustworthy and very fast merchant. The product was delivered just in time. Great seller, absolutely stellar. Turstworthy merchant, I had no problems with the product.

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