Donaldson P780006 Air Filter

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Product number P780006 Air Filter
Producer Donaldson

Description: P780006 Air Filter ( Donaldson )

Donaldson P780006 Air Filter

Product Name: Donaldson P780006 Air Filter
Product Brand: Donaldson
Product Code: P780006 Air Filter
Product Artikel: Donaldson P780006 Air Filter
Attributes Outer Diameter 327.3 mm (12.89 inch) Inner Diameter 215.7 mm (8.49 inch) Length 604 mm (23.78 inch) Overall Length 616.7 mm (24.28 inch) Bolt Hole Diameter 10.5 mm (0.41 inch) Efficiency 99.9 Efficiency Test Std ISO 5011 Primary Application LIEBHERR 7368216 Type Primary Style Round Media Type Cellulose Similar Products We Offer:

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