BECKHOFF CX2500-0061

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Product number CX2500-0061

Description: CX2500-0061 ( BECKHOFF )

BECKHOFF CX2500-0061

Product Name: BECKHOFF CX2500-0061
Product Brand: BECKHOFF
Product Code: CX2500-0061
Product Artikel: BECKHOFF CX2500-0061
The CX2500-0061 Power over Ethernet module supports devices with PoE class 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 in accordance with the PoE standard IEEE 802.3af-2003. The maximum PoE power output is 15.4 W. The PoE supply voltage is generated internally, no external power supply is necessary. In the case of an overload of the CX2500-0061, the PoE supply shuts down for two seconds, then restarts. The diagnostic LEDs PWR, PoE, PM1 and PM2 provide information about the type of PoE supply (mode A or B) as well as about the PoE class reported by the powered device. The CX2500-0070 module can be used to add up to four further USB 3.0 interfaces.

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