Basler AVC63-4A Voltage Regulator

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Product number AVC63-4A
Producer Basler

Description: AVC63-4A ( Basler )

Basler AVC63-4A Voltage Regulator

Product Name: Basler AVC63-4A Voltage Regulator
Product Brand: Basler
Product Code: AVC63-4A
Product Artikel: Basler AVC63-4A Voltage Regulator
The EA63-2.5 is a general purpose Voltage Regulator designed for smaller 50/60 Hz brushless generators. The regulator has under frequency compensation and automatic build-up circuitry, EMI filtering with remote Voltage Rheostat capability. Input: Voltage 120(90~130) / 240(180~260) VAC 1 phase 2 wire DIP switch selectable Frequency 45~65 Hz Output: Voltage Max. 50 VDC @ 120 VAC input , Max. 63 VDC @ 240 VAC input Current Continuous 2.5A, Intermittent 4A for 60 sec. Resistance Min. 25 Ohm Voltage Regulation: Voltage Build-up:   Residual volts at AVR terminal > 5 VAC External Volts Adjustment:   ±15% with 5 K Ohm 1 watt trimmer Unit Power Dissipation:   Max. 10 watt EMI Suppression:   Internal electromagnetic interference filtering Thermal Drift:   0.05% per °C change in AVR ambient Under Frequency Protection:   Knee point adjustable range 45~55 Hz Environment:   Operating Temperature : -40~60 °C Storage Temperature : -40~85 °C Relative Humidity : Maximum 95% Vibration : 1.5G @ 5~30 Hz / 5.0G @ 30~500 Hz AVR Controls Functions:   VOLTS : Voltage Adjustment U/F*: To Set the U/F Knee Point (*U/F: Under Frequency Protection) DIP : 110V/220V option Shock:   Withstands up to 20G in each X, Y, Z axes Dimensions:   101.0 (L) x 69.0 (W) x 22.0 (H) mm Weight:   107 g ±2%

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