Ayvaz V-3F Ball Valve

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Product number V-3F
Producer Ayvaz

Description: V-3F ( Ayvaz )

Ayvaz V-3F Ball Valve

Product Name: Ayvaz V-3F Ball Valve
Product Brand: Ayvaz
Product Code: V-3F
Product Artikel: Ayvaz V-3F Ball Valve
The main part of the ball valve is ball which has a hole in middle. When that ball rotate 90 degree it close or open. They are useful for applications which have to be rapid. Advantages; Minimal loss of pressure Easy to opening and closing Good leak tightness Compact design They tested with water test under 10 bar pressure Material Structure Body stainless steel AISI316 / AISI304 Ball stainless steel AISI316 / AISI304 Connection: Flanged Nominal Diameter: DN15 (1/2”) - DN100 (4”) Working Pressure Up to 40 bars Working Temperature -10 to 210ºC Typical Applications Heating air-conditioning systems Food industry Chemical industry Shipbuilding Paper mills

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Ayvaz V-3F Ball Valve

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