Ayvaz CV-20 Check Valve

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Product number CV-20
Producer Ayvaz

Description: CV-20 ( Ayvaz )

Ayvaz CV-20 Check Valve

Product Name: Ayvaz CV-20 Check Valve
Product Brand: Ayvaz
Product Code: CV-20
Product Artikel: Ayvaz CV-20 Check Valve
Ayvaz dual flap wafer check valve is designed to operate with the minimum flow restriction. The twin spring loaded half disc operates with the pipeline flow and reseal back against the rubber disc seating. It is providing a positive shut off against any back flow. The resilient seating prevents a slamming action. ÇV20-25 check valves are produced according to DIN, ANSI, JIS and BS standards. Ayvaz check valves when compared with order traditional isolating valve such as swing check valve offer the following advantages: Low purchase cost Compact design Non-slam principle of operation Light weight Easy installation Good flow characteristic and less pressure drop Suitable for horizontal and vertical up flow Materials Structure: Body: GG-25 Gray cast iron Disc: AISI 316 Stainless steel (ÇV20), GGG40.3 ductile iron (ÇV25) Connection: Wafer type Nominal Diameter: DN50 (2”) - DN600 (24”) Working Pressure: Up to 16 bars Working Temperature: -10ºC to 100ºC Typical Applications: Heating air-conditioning pipe lines High frequency lines Fire extinguishing system Vessel pipelines Iron and steel industry Mineral, oil industry Wood working, pulp and paper industry Textile industry Water and condensate lines

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