Aviteq MVE50-1

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Product number MVE50-1
Producer Aviteq
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Rating Count 996

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Description: MVE50-1 ( Aviteq )

Aviteq MVE50-1

Product Name: Aviteq MVE50-1
Product Brand: Aviteq
Product Code: MVE50-1
Product Artikel: Aviteq MVE50-1
  • easy and continuously adjustable during running conditions
  • PAL System (protection for wrong amplitudes)
  • available for 25/33/50/100 (30/40/60/120)Hz variants
  • immediate start/stop after switching
  • linear amplitude
  • Reliable permanent use
  • High level of performance with compact dimensions
  • Wear-free, without rotating parts
  • Efficiency (long operating cycles and service life)
  • Newest state-of-the-art of production engineering
  • Conformity with all EC Guidelines, which affect the drives
  • available for explosion-endangered spaces (Ex)
  • available for 60 Hz power systems and other mains voltages
  • Temperature-switch optionally
  • special versions possible


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Aviteq MVE50-1