Atos PVPC-L-4046/1D Pump

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Product number PVPC-L-4046/1D
Producer Atos

Description: PVPC-L-4046/1D ( Atos )

Atos PVPC-L-4046/1D Pump

Product Name: Atos PVPC-L-4046/1D Pump
Product Brand: Atos
Product Code: PVPC-L-4046/1D
Product Artikel: Atos PVPC-L-4046/1D Pump
The variable displacement axial Atos piston pumps PVPC series are suitable for application where  high pressure and low noise level are required, they can operate with mineral oil or synthetic fluid having similar lubricating characteristics. Working pressure  up to 280 bar Displacements range: 29 – 46 – 73 – 88 cc/rev Hydraulic controls and electrohydraulic servo controls Available with  ATEX certification Mounting flange and shaft as per SAE J744 and ISO Maximum speed up to 3000 rpm Multiple combinations

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