Atos Dke-1611-X-24Dc Valve

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Product number Dke-1611-X-24Dc Valve
Producer Atos

Description: Dke-1611-X-24Dc Valve ( Atos )

Atos Dke-1611-X-24Dc Valve

Product Name: Atos Dke-1611-X-24Dc Valve
Product Brand: Atos
Product Code: Dke-1611-X-24Dc Valve
Product Artikel: Atos Dke-1611-X-24Dc Valve
DKE Spool  type, two or three  position  direct  operated  valves  with  threaded  solenoids  certified  according the North  American   standart .  solenoids are made by:  . wet type  screwed  tube  ,different for AC and DC  power  supply ,with  integrated  manual  override  pin. .interchangeable  coils, specific  for AC or DC power  supply, easily relaceable  without  tools -see  section  for  available  voltages   Similar Products We Offer:

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