Atos AGAM10/10/350 Valve

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Product number AGAM10/10/350
Producer Atos
Artikelnummer AGAM10/10/350-I-00

Description: AGAM10/10/350 ( Atos )

Atos AGAM10/10/350 Valve

Product Name: Atos AGAM10/10/350 Valve
Product Brand: Atos
Product Code: AGAM10/10/350
Product Artikel: AGAM10/10/350-I-00

AGAM are two stage  pressure relief valves with  balanced  poppet, designed to  operate in oil  hydraulic systems .

In standart  version the piloting  pressure of  the poppet  of the main stage  is regulated  by means  of a grub  screw  protected  by cap in the cover.

AGAM can be  equipped  with a pilot  solenoid valve  for venting  or for different pressure  setting  

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