Air Control VDMA 24562 AQ70 Series Tie Rod Cylinders

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Product number VDMA 24562
Producer Air Control
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Description: VDMA 24562 ( Air Control )

Aircontrol’s ISO 6431 cylinders are manufactured according to the European ISO 15552 standard (VDMA 24562). They are sturdy cylinders that can be supplied in any stroke.


  • Cylinders with profiled tube or with tie rods.
  • Cylinder heads and piston rod in aluminium or cylinders made entirely of steel.
  • Diameters of 32mm to 100mm in the profiled tube version, and from 32mm to 320mm in the version with tie rods.
  • Magnetic cylinders as a standard.
  • Different variations available: with high temperature seals, with bellows, with stainless steel piston rod, with through piston rod, with a locking device...
  • Wide variety of fixing elements available.

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I am quite satisfied with what I got. Excellent and super fast service, thanks a lot. Air Control I am very satisfied, definitely will buy again. Fine quality, great packaging.

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