Air Control ISO 6020/2 HT Series Hydraulic Clinders

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Product number ISO 6020/2
Producer Air Control
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Rating Count 6538

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Description: ISO 6020/2 ( Air Control )


  • Type of construction: Cylinders with tie rods
  • Available in diameters of 25mm to 200mm, with the required stroke length
  • Two options for the piston rod: normal and reinforced
  • Nominal pressure: 160 bar and test pressure 240 bar
  • Option to use seals for high temperatures and seals for low friction
  • Wide variety of fixing elements available: round or rectangular flange, eye mounting, with ball joints, with legs...

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苏 明
/ 2020-04-04

功能多,实用,反应灵敏,好用 好评好配件好老板服务态度好 很满意的一次购物,物流很快,包装也很扎实。 超赞的卖家,期待下次合作 老顾客了,质量过硬

罗 林
/ 2020-03-12

很满意的一次购物,物流很快,包装也很扎实。 第三次购买了,物流快,包装好。 整体功能不错 操作方便,功能强大,质量也很好 绝对是提高产品档次的好帮手。下次继续购买

عناد الخضيري
/ 2019-11-30

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