Air Control 35 Series Heavy Duty cylinders

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Product number 35 Series
Producer Air Control
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Description: 35 Series ( Air Control )

The extra-strong pneumatic cylinders, in series 30 and 35, are designed to work under extreme conditions and in hostile environments for long periods of time.

All the cylinders are suitable for installations that require a high number of cycles. Their main field of application is in the steel industry, rolling sector, cement, aluminium, glass, paper, mining, machinery for public works, automotive sectors, etc.


  • Available with or without tie rods.
  • Diameters from 50mm to 300 mm.
  • Option of high temperature seals.
  • Different variations available: with bellows, with stainless steel piston rod.

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Honoré Clement
/ 2020-04-10

Selon le marché, je recommande un produit performant en termes de prix et de performances. Vendeur lié. Je recommande le magasin. Jai acheté 1 pièce lors de ma première commande. Je lachèterai toujours à nouveau. Le prix et la qualité sont très bons. Nous sommes satisfaits Vous pouvez lobtenir en toute tranquillité desprit, le cabinet est très solide merci.

Talon Mays
/ 2020-04-09

Packaging was quite pleasing, great service. I would definitely buy from again.

كرم السماعيل
/ 2019-12-28

البائع موثوق به جاء المنتج مثل الصورة. شكرا على السعر ، شكرا. وجدت المنتج بشكل أفضل مما كنت أتوقع. رائع.