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Product number 50006
Producer Aignep
Confirmed Rating
Rating Count 1432

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Description: 50006 ( Aignep )

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Latest Comments

Savannah Wilkerson
/ 2020-04-25

Nice product, great packaging, quality shipping. Aignep Logistic was very fast and the customer communication was great.

Rosaria Monti
/ 2019-12-16

Hanno chiamato per confermare che ero soddisfatto del prodotto e hanno risposto a tutte le mie domande, e un venditore eccesionale. Aignep È eccezionale e migliore di altre controparti costose sul mercato.

Efrain Ware
/ 2019-12-11

Nice communication, they answered all my questions. The product was as described and it was great quality, very practical.